The Genie’s Abode

A concentrated mind is noticed during the time of a tingling numbing sensation. Auto response kicks in to regulate my core temperature while the process of shaking begins, but only long enough to recognize that my body must find warmth. While thoughts of deep gratefulness for electricity enter my mind, I lay cocooned within the … More The Genie’s Abode

Live, Love and Let Go

As the sun-scorched the farm landĀ ahead, leaving a white blazed trail of rays in its path, I found myself wondering what had happened? Heat I had yet to experience. A negative mindset I wasn’t able to release. A physical pain embodying my every move. Excitement for reaching 1,130 miles on trail, yet discouragement about the … More Live, Love and Let Go

Love in the Blues

So many times I have wondered what I am doing with my life. This question has been in the back of my mind for a few years now. Wondering why I chose the path I have and pondering the moments when I have spent energy and time thinking about certain situations.  Long distance hiking does … More Love in the Blues

Rattling Life

One foot in front of the other…in my own head thinking about the things I naturally think about on trail. When suddenly I find myself screaming profanity while running away southbound. Not a person in sight to witness my encounter with the rattle snake. I saw a multi colored earth toned creature poke out from … More Rattling Life

Cucumber Mud Pie

Hiking along the trail with the lingering smell of freshly cut cucumber in my mind. The Copper Head snake has gratefully kept his distance from me, but the frequent moments I passed this snake has exceeded the amount of times I’m comfortable with. A Tenessee local informed me that when one is in the area … More Cucumber Mud Pie