Novembers Commute

When thinking about how many times our mind goes in and out of thoughts and different emotions throughout the day, it amazes me how this mind of mine is able to continuously return to this reaccuring connection. At what point in the series of moments do us as humans discover the opportunity to grow, the courage to break out, and freedom to explore true happiness? 


How fascinating to reflect back on these years of living and begin seperating the moments that provided happiness, countered with events that guided me towards the opportunity of growth. Learning from experiences or living with consequences from actions, fuels the constant cycle of exploration. 

Surrounding my life is this beautiful energy caused by the attention I put towards myself and those I love. As this energy is guided towards a healthy life, the time of living in the woods in isolation assists with my discovery of purpose. 


Whether we realize it or not, each morning we go through the movements of our routine. As the chimes of the early morning sound rises my sleepy soul, I do my best to send a “thank you” out into the universe. This is directed towards anything from gratefulness of waking up to being able to move with ease. Prior to this I lay in bed and rest—normally through a variety of sounds reminding me to wake up. I wouldn’t be surprised if throughout this process my mind drifts towards this deep rooted connection, this feeling I’ve grown accustomed to, yet beginning to question if I am following my instinct and truth or if this has transformed into an unhealthy thought pattern. 


This connection I speak of involves personal relations. I have begun to wonder if this connection for another is mostly in my mind or if these feelings breathe an honest truth. These recent passages filled with deep thought and honest words have paralleled the constant dialogue of my day to day conversations within my mind. Some may be confused by these words I have strung together, yet I believe this to be okay, for my sharing of thoughts heals my soul while provides the opportunity to awaken the awareness of mindful thought. 


The most facinating realization lies within the constant journey of fulfillment and failures, because new moments and adventures will forever follow regardless of what was previously experienced. As the time is controlled by the turning of the clocks, my mind is re-energized by the additional opportunity of sleep mixed with the full moons energy. Here’s to living in the now and embodying the beauty of the day. 

Identify limits, then with curiosity begin to journey beyond with courage and bravery. 

Living, loving, healing  


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