Surrounding this space is air. Rising, falling, and breathing; the movement of life exists so deeply, yet the cruel realization that without wholehearted truth, deep and passionate love will easily be repelled from intertwining within these moments of life. 

An expert of relationships and love. The understanding of flexibility, acceptance, patience, uncontrollable happiness, dancing of cells within the structure of ones body, all connected by the attraction ~ Physically. Mentally. Emotionally.  Energetically. 


Expert on love. Naive; for the judgmental way of  speaking to others about their love or belief of love has transformed into a bull headed and stubborn mind. What gives me the feeling that this belief is of positive affect to others?

As far as my understanding goes, love is everywhere. Love is us. Love is life. Yet being in love, falling in love—staying in love. Disbelief and full lack of connection is accompanied by this thought. So as I previously stated, I am a master of love. A master of being naive and foolish with the matter of being in love, while experiencing such a divine state that has embodied an acutely present truth that’s strayed far, far away from the true heartbeat of life; love. 


Fear of what is to come. Fear that I will follow this path of the inevitable. The inevitable of falling in love, connecting to love, then confronted by the possibility of placing expectations internally along the way, until the moment comes when the “in love” feeling has disappeared. 


Tinted love. A growth of one belief, from the young days of life up until this moment. Who knows how long this feeling has lasted—

Filling the room with my presence and life. Rooting down and standing tall, here to acknowledge and confront this thought. Demon may be too strong of language to describe this experience, yet a deeply built barrier of fear and anger may be a more appropriate term. 

As confrontations of barriers, regardless of the core of power, rears their negative and powerful head–remember your true self. The person that so easily gets shoved to the side anytime the reality of emotion arises. Passion, love, obsession, anger, fear, grief. Remember that within the deepest part of ourselves sizzles the true voice. 

It’s quiet possible that my energy spent on this matter has exceeded any other topic of discussion. For this topic broke me. Tore, wripped, then crumbled me. For the blocking of life from engulfing you in a deep and true state of living could arguably be the most traumatic experience of all.

Vulnerably stripping these layers in front of your eyes –  I would love to call this bravery, although the truth of hiding behind a screen or page brings disconnect to the idea of personal connection with others. 

These thoughts. They may connect with you, they may reject you. Regardless of the outcome, the act of courage and passion lies within us all. 

Finally, looking around, absorbing and taking in these moments of life. I have experienced much beauty and love, while all along, living aware and internalizing a sense of empty space. 

Be brave. Be courageous. Be Adventerous. Be open to love. 


2 thoughts on “no<love

  1. Wow, feels the heart and the soul with positive vibes and makes you feel that love is still and it will always be the great frontier, why is love so illusive? Why hasn’t humanity awanken to realize that love will cure everything.
    Leave behind de EGO and you will be invincible, you will find the way out of situations, you will manifest into your life.

    Thank you Renée for sharing.


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