Stumbling Through Whoville

I once read that when an idea first arrives to the mind one should acknowledged and carefully consider the moments following …

After the second attempt to make it up the street, my car was confronted by atleast two feet of untouched snow. Heading back down, contemplating whether going back to my cousins was in order or attempting the journey home. 

….. .Breath.In. ….. .Breath.Out. …..

A moment in time. The clicking of frozen branches canopied the tall standing trunks towering over the fresh undisturbed powder. Atleast two feet of crystalized moisture had fallen within 35 hours. Breaking trail with snowshoes and cautiously following blazes, while piecing together the distance between each moment and home. 

A moment captured; snow surrounding this land.

The snow was light and impressively fluffy. The thought of heaviness regarding this snow never entered my mind. Every step; new, fresh, organically drapped, and completely unknown. Yet the Valley still continued to welcome snow, as it have done for the past 48 hours.   

Moving through the silence, while taking in the surrounding views. Wondering where the rest of Dr. Suess’s ideas came from, since the image surrounding me mirrored the ones from The Grinch. Briefly feeling comforted by this temporary thought, before fatigue from the weakened immune system took over. 

At some point, my right hip and the muscles surrounding began to ache. Slowing down my pace and doing my best to stay aware, the thought of light powder entered my mind. The powder I once refered to as light, now felt heavy and dense. 

Wondering back to the idea of turning around…once, twice, a dozen times…never giving this option a chance. 

Connect with the now, while syncing movement to breath. Break; remember water is of the utmost importance. 


Dehydration quickly arises during physical activity in the winter. Not only for the loss of sweat, but for the additional strain the human body endures to stay warm.  

Continue movement. Break; positive and goal oriented mindset. Continue. Break; sip water. 

This cycle of movement, hydration, movement, mindset was all there was. 

By the last stretch, my body was tired, the backside of my legs and butt were nipped by the cold, my stomach was growling and my mind was disconnected. Although the distance by foot, from car to home was accumulatively 3 hours, my body and mind endured a challenging experience. 

Arriving home. Stoking the fire. Making oatmeal and re-fueling. Preparing to walk back to my car and revisit this mentally challenging and physically demanding choice I have made. 

“You are safe. All is well. Learn from this. You are whole. You are strong.”

Arriving back to my car
This stretch of trail is not a challenging one, atleast when stripped of winter.

I will say that this trail with two feet of fresh powder will challenge the strongest of people. 

Looking back on this experience, I now understand the room for error. After driving past the trail head the following day, it was clear that my feet were the only ones who explored the area since the snow had fallen.  

There will forever be a natural risk when exploring and traveling alone. The addition of one person changes the experience dramatically, for if I wasn’t alone I would have never made the choices I had. 

my cottage in the woods

Some advice to my fellow solo adventurers;

While living a life of exploration, frequently refer back to the current moment and stay connected with ones intuitions.

Embracing mistakes, connecting with failures and moving closer to courageous choices. 

Discovering the balance of all things ~  Renée 

One thought on “Stumbling Through Whoville

  1. Beautiful photos – thank you for sharing, my dear. Please be safe (!!!) during your journeys in the wilderness. love from Kristin and Cosmo


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