REALity unmASKed

Two years of wearing a mask. There has been a two year deep dive into the new persona that is the current reality. We are in a time of a powerful awareness of not knowing up from left and behind from inside, yet those who’ve been choosing to see the light have been the guiding … More REALity unmASKed

Pitch to Pitch

On the way to Lovers Leap, Tahoe I shared how my experience climbing outdoors was limited to Bouldering; a style of rock climbing that involves free climbing on rock roughly 10 to 20 feet tall. Then there I was, 100, 200, 300, 400 feet above the ground and fully involved in a beautiful flow of … More Pitch to Pitch

speechless EYEs

I called it being used ::: I had the chance to transform :: I now call it being scared I was scared to change, because I was fearful of what would happen if I chose to follow the unknown. Months passed by and the continued choice to stay put and experience the consistent life of … More speechless EYEs

Novembers Commute

When thinking about how many times our mind goes in and out of thoughts and different emotions throughout the day, it amazes me how this mind of mine is able to continuously return to this reaccuring connection. At what point in the series of moments do us as humans discover the opportunity to grow, the … More Novembers Commute


Surrounding this space is air. Rising, falling, and breathing; the movement of life exists so deeply, yet the cruel realization that without wholehearted truth, deep and passionate love will easily be repelled from intertwining within these moments of life.  An expert of relationships and love. The understanding of flexibility, acceptance, patience, uncontrollable happiness, dancing of … More no<love